Lead Generating Marketing Solutions

Grow Your Business With Innovative Marketing

Grow Your Business With Innovative Marketing

At LeadGen180 we are passionate about providing marketing solutions that not only grows your online presence, but grows your income. That's why we provide cutting edge marketing strategies to help you generate leads and coaching services to assist you in converting those leads to customers.

Our marketing services were created to assist you in all aspects of growing your practice. We offer competitive pricing and superior customer service that to ensure your success.

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About LeadGen180

Need help getting leads for your clinic? Our expert will fly to your office to train your staff to generate leads using screenings or book screenings for you remotely.

Online Marketing

Website Services

Get MORE leads with Facebook Ads, Targeted Landing Pages, Content Marketing, Retargeting, and Search Ads.

Design and Printing Services

Our Services

Marketing Consultation

Our Services

Competitive pricing for printing, print design, newsletters, mailings, brochures, trade show materials, and much more!

Our design experts will custom build and design a website for your practice. Receive an SEO optimized website built to show up in all major search engines and generate leads.

Screenings For Lead Generation

Video Marketing

Move your prospects from ignorance to clients with our proven video formula. We'll provide you with 18 customized videos for your use in promotions.

Do you have a specific issue or need help developing a marketing plan? Our consultation services can help you get back on track. 

Every business is different, that's why we offer different levels of service. Each service complements the other, and are essential for a successful practice.  We get you the qualified leads that your business needs.

Grow Your Business and Get More Leads

In-Office Visits Starting at:

*1,000 Pricing For Summit Attendees Only

Online Marketing

Website Services

Plans Starting at

Phone Consultations



 $200 Set Up Fee

Project Deposit


Design and Printing

$59 Monthly Management



Projects Starting at



Video Marketing


Projects Starting at


Online Marketing

What Our Clients Are Saying

"Our Facebook ad with LeadGen180 has been amazing. We've only been running our ad for about 2 weeks and we've already gotten over 200 weight loss leads in! People are signing up on programs. It's just really amazing." 

"Hi Dayo, just wanted to let you know how awesome your Facebook marketing is doing for us. We signed up 6 of 7 assessments on programs this week. Even better than last week which was already so good. 

"The leads we are getting are good candidates for care and are being closed for care plans. This is my third facebook company and leadgen180 by far exceeds my expectations"

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We've partnered with Club Reduce to provide discounted pricing to current clients. Non-Club Reduce Clients can still take advantage of our quality services at our industry rate.

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